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Bison Outdoors

Three Horses

Bison Maquette

Bucking Horse

Galloping Horse (right side)

Running Horse

Madonna & Child Christmas Card

Laser Punk Guitar

Neck of Laser Punk Guitar

Fully Rusted Laser Punk Guitar

Laser Punk Guitar (summer)

Deconstructed Box (winter)

Family in Globe

Laser Punk Guitar

Body of Laser Punk Guitar

Jake with Just Created Guitar

Original Archtop Guitar (model)

Deconstructed Box (summer)

Galloping Horse (left side)

Walking Horse

Roderick the Horse in Summer

The Horse That Bolted!

Roderick the Horse in Winter

Laser Punk Horse (side view)

Laser Punk Horse in Summer

Wolf Head (side view)

Laser Punk Horse in Winter

Wolf Head (front view)

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