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It Seems I'm Always Busy ~ March 22, 2021

Some time ago, I had found some used pipes at a scrap yard, and so last week I brought them to a sandblaster. Today I picked them up and delivered them to a metal fabricator to have them cut into rings. I am having them cut 1.25 inches wide instead of 1 inch because I thought the more robust look would be appropriate for a project on which I'm working.

Apart from preparing sculpture projects, I'm also in the process of renovating my living space currently. I'm busily finishing my office, library, and living room. With the drywall already up, I worked on the taping and painting, although I admit that most of that work was done by a friend who was between jobs and was grateful for some needed income. Turns out that I am quite good at taping, just a little slower. The professionals are naturally much faster at it simply because they will have put hundreds and perhaps thousands of hours into perfecting their craft. I suppose too that I am somewhat older than most of them and at my age I prefer not to rush. When it comes to sculpting, however, I surprise myself at how quickly I get things done.

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