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Take My Advice... ~ March 15, 2021

This past Sunday the 14th, I received a request for a quote for a large broken sphere made of steel rings. I called for a price quotation for laser cutting 6 inch diameter tubing into several hundred one-inch wide rings. The price was too high; but there are cheaper options, although that involves old school technology. I can do the cutting on my metal band saw, but it would take many hours to cut them one by one. But using a larger saw, the tubing can be stacked and several cuts can be done at once. I will ask for prices at local metal fabricators; this will save me much time. These are decisions about using time and money most efficiently. If you have a lot to do hiring others makes sense and you can still make money. If you are short of projects that generate income, you use your time and save money.

In some cases when I receive a request for such a sculpture, I make one for the client, and one for my own sculpture park.

Here's an example: I took the initiative today to ask a former customer about casting a piece in bronze I had made for them years ago. Back then I told them the concrete sculpture should not be placed outside. Sadly she had ignored my advice, and after three years in the weather, indeed the sculpture has been disintegrating. It can be salvaged, but will require a lot of work. However, all is not lost, because if she agrees to have the sculpture cast in bronze, I will cast one for my own gallery as well. I may as well, right?

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